28 Dec 2017
HKUST Receives Donation from Dr Lau Wah Sum to Support Chinese Medicine Research to Overcome Abuse of Antibiotics on Fish and Livestock
2 Nov 2017
Prof Rehav Rubin, Elman Family Visiting Professor of Jewish and Israeli Studies, takes us to a journey through ancient maps
27 Oct 2017
HKUST Holds Fourth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty Members
17 Oct 2017
Ford and HKUST Announce Student Winners of Conservation and Environmental Research Grants
12 Sep 2017
HKUST Donor Reception
8 Jun 2017
Disney joins forces with HKUST School of Engineering to Support “Inventions for the Community”
9 Mar 2017
HKUST Students Receives Donation to Solve Healthcare Problems in Indonesia and Cambodia
16 Feb 2017
HKUST Jockey Club Hall Opens to Promote Holistic Education and Eco-friendliness
9 Jan 2017
HKUST Receives a Donation from Kingworld Medicines Group to Boost Exchange of Business Students and Research in Chinese Medicine