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Ancient European maps of China and rare books on the history of science are among the most prized masterpieces at the Special Collections of the HKUST Library; these have recently been joined by the personal papers of Canadian-Chinese political scientist and peace activist Paul Lin.

The Library houses some of East Asia's most outstanding collections of antique maps and rare books. Other highlights include maps of China from the late Qing dynasty to 1949, thread-bound books and other pre-1949 Chinese material, works about China and the Far East by western writers from the 1500s to 1949, and fine reproductions of Chinese painting and calligraphy. 

These collections make an important contribution to our knowledge of the region. The facility also preserves these collections and items in a safe environment for future generations. As well as accepting donations to assist in the purchase of collections and the running of the Special Collections section, HKUST Library is extremely interested to hear from those who may be considering gifting collections of rare books, maps, manuscripts, photographs, personal papers, paintings, calligraphy and other items related to Hong Kong, China and East Asia.

Many of the collections are fully digitalized and can be viewed online at the Rare & Special e-Zone; appointments can be made to visit the Special Collection Reading Room. Special thematic selections are regularly displayed for public viewing. 

You can visit the website of the Lee Shau Kee Library or email Ms Alice Ho at for further information.

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